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With over 13 years experience in the IT industry I’m willing to tackle almost anything, but to give you a better idea of what I do, read on.


Web Site Development

From the most basic site with a few static pages to a fully dynamic application, I can build a site to your needs. I can also arrange web hosting and domain names if required.


Content Management Systems

Despite what many software houses will tell you, there is rarely any genuine need to develop a bespoke Content Management System. I make use of Open Source offerings such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal depending on clients’ specific needs. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, your budget can then be better spent on custom plugins or components to customise the system to you and your users needs.


Bespoke Applications

Where an off the shelf solution is not suitable, I can develop a bespoke application to your exact requirements. I make use of software development frameworks (Symfony 2 being my current weapon of choice) to develop better code faster, while at the same time enabling better expansion possibilities.


Event Management Systems

Putting on an event? Want to sell tickets online? This is a bit of a specialty of mine, so chances are I can help you out here. Take a read over the Events Manager page for more details.


Graphic Design

Ok. This is not my thing. I’m a programmer, not a graphic designer. That said, I have several artists whom I work with when I need graphics or a site design. I can arrange for work to be done as part of larger product or introduce you to a suitable designer.



Got a fantastic design that you need incorporating into your website? Running WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or similar? I can take your design and produce a standards compliant theme to install on your site.


Components / Modules / Plugins

So you’ve taken my advice, and are using an Open Source Content Management System. All is well and good, except there is a certain bit of functionality that is not offered by the system and you can’t find any plugins that do quite what you want. Tell me your requirements and I can develop you a bespoke component, module or plugin that does exactly what you need. I mostly work with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, but I am always up for a challenge so if you are using something else and need some kind of customisation, let me know.


Interactive Mapping

I am a self confessed map nerd. If you need any kind of interactive mapping on your website, let me at it. I use Google Maps for anything from a simple directions map for a shop through to a Live Adventure tracking systems. A favourite of mine was an application that displayed live race positions of the World’s longest horse race in Mongolia using real time gps data for each rider.



You want to sell stuff online? Yup, that’s right. I can help with that too. If you’ve read everything above you wont be surprised to learn that I don’t want to build you an online shop from scratch. There are plenty of solid open source solutions out there that we can use, Prestashop and OpenCart being current favourites of mine, leaving your budget to be better spent on customisations and automation of things like data entry.

I also have experience implementing different payment gateways. I can help you integrate your chosen payment system into your website or application, be it Google Checkout, Paypal, SagePay, WorldPay to name but a few.


API Integration

As your web application and user base grows, you’ll most likely find yourself wanting to make use of third party products to enhance the application, user experience or communication and marketing. There are many products that are designed to be integrated into your site or application and can be done so using their Application Programming Interface (which is basically a means of applications talking to each other).

I can develop the code that allows you to link your site to the product or service you want to use. The list of products with APIs ready to be integrated is endless, but to give you an idea, think Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, Flickr, Google Code, SMS messaging gateways…


Hosting & The Cloud

I can arrange and configure hosting environments to suit your needs. Be it a simple shared hosting for a low traffic site or a fully scalable and redundant IaaS or PaaS Cloud solution.